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TopShop 3" 2014 & Up (3.22) Viper Bags

TopShop 3" 2014 & Up (3.22) Viper Bags

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Topshop 3" (3.22) 2014 and Up Viper Bags

Topshop 2014 and Up 3.22 bags

These 322 series were designed for the guys that don’t want to change there stock rear fenders on there 2014 & Up touring Harley’s, these bags are lined inside , the 322’s come primed and oven cured to insure maximum strength and zero warping, all our bags are infused composite and are built to last. If your looking to put these on your 13 & older bikes you would just have to change your lids & hardware to the 14 & up style


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